Monday, March 30, 2015

Utah's Wetlands, Forests, and Deserts Vocab Matching Game

Ok, so what is my first product? A vocabulary matching game for Utah 4th Grade Science Standard 5: Utah's Wetlands, Forests, and Deserts! You can have students do it in groups, or make a copy for everyone to cut out and take home. Click here, or the picture, to download for FREE! (What's better than FREE?! It includes the answer key!)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

First Product!

I just uploaded my first product (Free!) on my Teachers Pay Teachers account! I'm super excited to share all the cool things I have created for my classroom over the years! Check it out: Crisp Creations. MUCH more to come!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Class Dojo

One management app/website that my entire school started implementing last year is Class Dojo. I love it!! You can give points and take away points, each with a reason why. The students and parents log in and can see how their day was! Did they get points for making good choices? Why were points taken away? Takes the guess work away from how their day really was, and saves some time not having to send emails to parents all the time. There is even a messaging component where you can send quick little messages to parents! I love it, and the students love changing their avatar at home. They can even download the student version of the app on their tablet or smartphone (Heaven forbid your student have a smartphone :) ) Since we have different students for Math, Spelling, and Reading, parents can see each individual category under one sign-in since the teachers have attached themselves to the school and you can "share" students!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Math

The school I am at, scholars are split into ability levels for math class, and we also have "core math" time to cover grade level math material. Today for core math, and even in my math group as review, we did this awesome activity I found on Teachers Pay Teachers : Lucky Geometry! It covers the geometry section of the 4th grade common core and reviews types of lines and angles. My class absolutely LOVED it and want to play it again on Friday!

Here is the link to the activity: Lucky Geometry.I printed it off on colorful paper and laminated it for many years of use!