Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Makes YOU Happy?

We recently had our suicide prevention training at school. It's crazy to think about, but as teachers, we also help students find what they are good at, help them conquer their weaknesses, and find out what makes them happy. This was SUCH a fun idea! My 4th graders absolutely loved it, SO Much that I had to hide the notecards :) I got the idea from pinterest ( and make it my own! They loved the Disney lettering as well. We are a classroom at the end of a hallway, and usually there are not many people down there, but this bulletin board has attracted so much attention, and the parents for parent/teacher conferences loved guessing which ones their child wrote!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Non-Candy Valentines

I hate how much candy kids seem to get ALL the time! I can proudly say, that I do not buy candy for the students. All of the candy that I hand out is donated by parents, and I"m sure most parents appreciate that about me! They prefer the cool little trinkets from Oriental Trading over something that will last 2 seconds and then I'll end up picking the trash up off the floor. SO Valentine's Day...the day of sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I decided to do something out of the norm. I have had a huge problem with pencils this year (weird how that changes from year to year) so I decided to do mechanical pencils. Who doesn't love mechanical pencils?? They LOVE them!! I attached a cute little Valentines-y word search and it was a hit.